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Recipes for Home and Restaurant

by Nadine Lloyd

From the Author:

In these times of financial downturn, feeding a family of four has become harder and harder. I have created these budget recipes for you, so that you too can save money, just like myself and my family have had to do. 

To create these recipes, I asked myself the following questions.

  • "How do I create a tasty meal on a budget?"

  • "Which inexpensive everyday ingredients can I use to create an amazingly delicious meal?" and, 

  • "What can I do to turn an ordinary meal, such as Meatballs and Spaghetti, into an extraordinary meal?"

I walked up and down the store floor for hours in search of ideas. Once I got an idea, I would rush home to my mum's kitchen and immediately went about preparing the evening meal - and then I held my breath, as the family smelt, tasted, prodded, and poked at my creation. They are my overly critical taste testers. (Family - am I right!) 😊


As with my other recipes, the family gave me the highest approval rating. The, "Yummy." "Delicious." "Tasty." and especially the, "Can we get some more?" remarks.


Those recipes that didn’t make the cut were either modified and re-tested - or rejected completely.


I trust you will get as many real savings, tasty flavours, and the thumbs up from cooking these recipes, as I have in creating them for you. 

You will help me immensely, if you share these free recipes with your family and friends.


Thank you.  

Nadine Lloyd

(Recipes for Home & Restaurant)

Nadine Lloyd - Author (Recipe for Home and Restaurant)
Budget 1
Creamy Tuna Spud with a Garden Salad Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Rich Sauce Meatballs and Spaghetti Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Curry Chicken Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Creamy Chicken Pasta Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe by Nadine Lloyd

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