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Recipes for Home and Restaurant

by Nadine Lloyd

From the Author:

Seafood is without a doubt my favourite protein. 


There is nothing better than to start the day with a thick fillet of Rare Crispy Skin Salmon and a few pieces of Fresh Fruit. Yum!


Throughout my recipes, I have spoken of sauces, relishes, and gravies, however, when it comes to salmon, you need not add anything.


There is, of course, one recipe I must draw your attention to. It's my Seafood Pie. This recipe is best appreciated on a cold winter's night. It consists of the mixed fish component, a rich creamy white soup-like sauce, and the fresh herb and cheese mashed potato. "Yum." Offer this one to your family and friends - and watch them come back for more!


Out of all the recipes I have written and tested, my seafood recipes have cost me the most money to create. That’s just the nature of the market. I believe that treating yourself to a tasty meal, as often as possible, is what makes life worth living.


At the end of the day, have fun in the kitchen. Spill a bit, mess a bit, laugh a bit, and... well... perhaps drink a bit.


I trust you will enjoy my recipe ideas as much as I have in creating them for you.

Nadine Lloyd

(Recipes for Home and Restaurant)

Nadine Lloyd - Author (Recipes for Home & Restaurant)
Seafood 1
Crispy Skin Salmon on a Buckwheat Salad Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Prawn and Salmon Lettuce Cup Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
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Fresh Prawn and Lobster Roll Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Seafood 2
Seafood Pie Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Coconut Seafood Basket with Mango Chutney Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Fresh Tuna and Black Spaghetti Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Crispy Skin Salmon, Prawns, and Green Tea Noodles Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Muscle and White Fish Soup Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Seafood 3
Crispy Almond-Crusted Fish Fingers with Ponzu Mayonnaise Recipe by Nadine Lloyd

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