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Fresh Prawn & Lobster Roll

Recipes for Home and Restaurant

by Nadine Lloyd

Fresh Prawn and Lobster Roll Recipe by Nadine Lloyd


(Serves 2)

  • 2 freshly baked bread rolls

  • 2 teaspoons butter

  • 6 prawns – cooked

  • 1 lobster tail – cooked

  • 2 tablespoons seafood island sauce

  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise

  • Salt and pepper – to taste

  • 1 cup cabbage – shredded

  • 1 cups lettuce – shredded

  • 2 quartered lemon wedges


Slice the rolls lengthways and butter.

Cut the prawns and flake the lobster into a bowl.

Mix in the seafood sauce, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper.

Stir through to coat.

Lay the shredded lettuce and cabbage on one half of each roll.

Divide the seafood mixture evenly, then add each portion to a roll.

Serve with extra pepper and a lemon wedge.

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