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Recipes for Home and Restaurant

by Nadine Lloyd

From the Author:

I have created these desserts to either complement your main meal or be enjoyed along with your afternoon tea.


Some desserts need to be refrigerated, and others are best served hot. 


My three favourite desserts are the Blood Orange Cheesecake, the Baileys Panna Cotta, and the Orange Syrup Dumplings. They are easy to make, rich in flavour, and are lovely moist desserts.


If you are a dessert lover, (and let’s face it - who isn’t) then don’t forget to check out the other deserts in this series. 


OK ... I'll admit it. Once I had completed this volume of free recipes, I had to break out my gym clothes, but there’s no question about it, sweet desserts are nice.


I had fun with this volume, as did my neighbours, their neighbours, and their neighbours! 😊 (As there were some desserts to make and remake, I had to send some down the street.)


I trust you go ahead and try these recipes now. They are all well worth the effort.

Nadine Lloyd

(Recipes for Home & Restaurant)

Nadine Lloyd - Author (Recipes for Home & Restaurant)
Dessert 1
Orange Syrup Dumplings Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Cream Cheese and Fresh Berry Crêpe Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Rich Chocolate Pudding with Caramel Rum Sauce Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Baked Peach Buttermilk Pudding Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Dessert 2
Apple and Cinnamon Pancake Cupcakes Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Mint Matcha and Chocolate Panna Cotta Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Blood Orange Cheesecake Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Baileys Panna Cotta Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Dessert 3
Strawberry Mousse and Lime Cream Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Granola and Mango Sorbet Recipe by Nadine Lloyd
Redbush (Rooibos) Tea Poached Pear Parcels and Sauce Recipe by Nadine Lloyd

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