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Partial Dentures

by Dr Dean Lloyd

Partial Dentures eBook by Dr Dean Lloyd

Table of Contents:



Chapter 1:  Your Decision to Purchase a New Partial Denture

Chapter 2:  Shades and Shapes of Teeth

Chapter 3:  Partial Denture Materials

Chapter 4:  Acrylic versus Metal Frame Partial Dentures

Chapter 5:  Types of Clasps and their Designs - Choices you have

Chapter 6:  Occlusal Rests and their Importance to your Current Teeth

Chapter 7:  Backing Plates - What a difference they make!

Chapter 8:  Main Frame Design - Your Comfort & what's available

Chapter 9:  Broken Partial Dentures - How to avoid this happening

Chapter 10: Cleaning and Partial Denture Care

Chapter 11: Obturators and Special Purpose Appliances


Important Quick Reference Links in this eBook:

  • The importance of having a partial denture - and the consequences of not!

  • Checking tooth colour before you pay for your dentures

  • The result of choosing the correct (or incorrect) tooth shape

  • Soft flexible partial dentures

  • Important advantages and disadvantages of acrylic partial dentures

  • WARNING - About wire clasps and how they may damage healthy teeth!

  • Advantages and disadvantages of flexible clasps

  • Important advantages and disadvantages of metal frame partial dentures

  • Why lower partials dentures may hurt like hell - and what you can do.

More quick reference links in this eBook:

  • WARNING - Partial denture designs to avoid

  • WARNING - About cleaning partial dentures

  • WARNING - Adjusting retainer clasps at home

  • Differences between titanium, chrome cobalt, and acrylic partial dentures

  • Partial Dentures with no pink gums (i.e.) Gum-fit for more natural looks

  • Acrylic clasps, cast metal clasps, and wire clasps

  • Rests - without these, your partial denture may cause pain - Home test

  • Why your front false teeth may constantly break off!

  • Avoid these badly designed partial dentures that cause many problems

  • Why broken partial dentures don’t feel right after being repaired

All the information you need - when you need it

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