Full Dentures
by Dr Dean Lloyd

Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd
120 Delicious Meals Created for the Denture Wearer by Nadine Lloyd
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From the Author:

Over the past 35 years, as a practicing Dental Technologist and Doctor of Dental Prosthetics, I have seen some shocking results from practitioners who simply do not have the time to explain all the useful features, benefits, and characteristics available to the denture wearer.
The information contained in this eBook could save you thousands of dollars, as well as offer you far more comfort and natural looks than you may currently be experiencing.

Consider, and ask yourself, this question.
"Why would my dental practitioner want my dentures to last 10+ years?" Hmmm


Full Dentures' is a book written for you. Through its many photographs and sketches, it's a guide on how to get the most for your dollar, as well as giving you choices that were perhaps unknown to you, or that so far have not been offered to you. 

  • Were you offered, or given, the choice of a "High Impact" pink acrylic base" the last time you got dentures?    


My intention is that, once you have read this book, and discussed your options and choices with your dental practitioner, you will be left feeling comfortable and satisfied with your new dentures.

  • Does the pink pigment in the base irritate your gums? You do know that there is a "Clear Acrylic" option available.  


Your dentures define you as an individual. As such, you should have a say in what you are purchasing - rather than just accepting what is given to you!

  • Where you offered a Three-Layer" or "Composite" option of tooth material?   

If your dentures have already been made, it will be too late to change any aspect of the work, and perhaps now you feel dissatisfied with your dentures - or the follow-up treatments you are getting!

  • Were you told to leave the clinic, as your dentures were already made and there is nothing further that can be done? 


This book offers many "must ask for" suggestions before your dentures are completed, and many "what to do now!" if your dentures have already been completed.


Over my 35 years’ practicing, I have seen many thousands of cases where patients have not been given value for money or have not received what they wanted - or asked for!

  • Do you know what's available, or what to ask for - or more importantly, what to insist on?

Once your dentures are made it's too late to change any aspect of the work You don't want to be left with unsatisfactory-looking or ill-fitting dentures.

  • Were you asked to jump out of the dental chair when trying out your wax dentures (appointment 4)? 

You may have even heard comments such as, give them some time to settle in; or even worse, persevere and the ulcers will go away eventually.


  • They won't! Ask yourself. "Will my gum just suddenly shrink, or perhaps the plastic will feel sorry for me and will bend itself out of the way." No - do not accept pain and ulceration. Remember, the problem is never your gums. The problem is always the denture.   

I have seen extreme cases where patients have been told to persevere with their new dentures and the only result has been agonizing ulcers and, in some cases, bleeding gums!


This must not happen to you. There is a better way.


If only the patient would "prompt" their practitioner to give them features and characterisations which could make all the difference. 

Know before you go. 

Table of Contents in this eBook:



Chapter 1:  Your Decision to Purchase New Dentures

Chapter 2:  Shades and Shapes of Teeth and Gums

Chapter 3:  Denture Materials

Chapter 4:  20 Different Characterization Features

Chapter 5:  Your Six Clinic Appointments (Including the importance of appointment 4)

Chapter 6:  Balanced Dentures

Chapter 7:  Immediate or First Set of Dentures (Critically Important Warnings) 

Chapter 8:  Relines

Chapter 9:  Cleaning and Denture Care 

Chapter 10:  Denture Discomfort

Chapter 11:  Broken Dentures

Chapter 12:  Obturators Cleft Palates & Palatal Protrusions



Test your dentures for proper function in the comfort of your own home:

  • Home Test 1

  • Home Test 2

  • Home Test 3

  • Home Test 4

  • Home Test 5


Important Quick Reference Links in this eBook:

  • Sore gums

  • Canker Sores (Mouth ulcers)

  • Sunken or puffy upper lip

  • Loose upper denture

  • Loose lower denture

  • Gum redness - Denture Stomatitis

  • Pain up the side of your face

  • Cheek biting

  • Dry mouth

  • Excess Saliva

  • Saving money tip - 1

  • Saving money tip - 2

  • Critical note about “Denture Glue”

  • Important note about appointment 4 when getting new dentures!


More quick reference links in this book:


  • Colours, shapes, and sizes of teeth you can choose

  • Name tags on dentures

  • Warning about ‘same-day’ dentures

  • Upper relines

  • Lower relines – hard or soft lining?

  • Delicious free recipe (for denture wearers)

  • WARNING for people who have soft linings on their lower dentures

  • Fixing sore areas caused by high spots at home – plus important warnings

  • Denture roughness - causes discussed

  • Home repairs

  • Cleft palate


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