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Full Dentures

by Dr Dean Lloyd

Full Dentures eBook by Dr Dean Lloyd

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Language: .............. English

Pages: ..................... 111

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Photographs: ........ 145

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1st Edition: ............. January 2011

2nd Edition: ........... September 2020

Publisher:  ............... Bookshelf Collections (Pty) Ltd. 

ISBN: ....................... 978-0-9943959-0-0

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Dentures are expensive -


  • Do they feel right?

  • Can you eat with them?

  • Do they look like natural teeth?

  • Do they build out your natural facial contours, thereby making you look younger?

This book has been written for you; to answer all those denture related questions you've been asking yourself for years.


For example:

  • Do your dentures give you canker sores or aching gums?

  • Do your dentures cause pain up the side of your face?

  • Do you bite your cheek when chewing?

  • Do your dentures look like natural teeth?

  • Do your dentures make you look 5 years younger? (They can and should if made correctly!)


Are you buying new dentures? All your appointments are explained with photographs showing you what to do and most importantly, what questions to ask your dental practitioner.

Are you having your teeth pulled and getting dentures for the first time? Then Chapter 7 is an absolute “must read” before having those teeth out.

WARNING - Have you been offered a "2 appointment quick-fit" or those dreaded "One-Day" denture appointment? Hmmm! be careful of those.  


Do you know how to save thousands of dollars on dentures?


Some dentures can last 10 years or more, whereas others may become blunt within two years, so it's best to know in advance what to ask for!

Do you want this

or this

Full Top Denture by Dr Dean Lloyd

1-2 years from purchasing your new dentures? 

Without the right information, your dentist can sell you inferior teeth, and you won't know until it's too late!

One Year Old Top Denture by Dr Dean Lloyd

Here my story as to WHY I wrote this eBook. 

This is the reason I wrote this book in the first place. Working for a practitioner in my early days, I asked my boss why he put cheep teeth, that don't last, on people's dentures? His answer.


"Two yearly repeated turnover pays for my BMW standing outside"


WOW! Don't let this happen to you. It's just not fair.


  • Do you know what pink gums and teeth you are getting? Your denture may not be the same as it was the last time you bought a denture.

  • Do you know the “do’s and don'ts" about broken dentures?

  • What's the difference between a hard and soft lower lining? In fact, should you put on a soft lining in the first place?

This book contains all the answers (and much more) to questions you have been asking yourself for years.

It’s an easy to read and follow instruction book on all full denture related matters, offering tips and tricks to give you a better denture wearing experience. With over 143 photographs, images, and sketches, it's easy to understand all your denture-related problems at a glance.

This book includes 5 easy "Home Tests" you can do right now to understand how your denture works, and to answer critical questions like, "Should I get new dentures, or is a reline sufficient right now?"

When you ask your dentist this question, the answer is obvious. He or she may say, "new - for sure." 

This book also explains why your dentures may hurt, and what you can do about it.

There's also information your dental practitioner may not want you to know!

Compare the price of this eBook to the price of a new set of dentures. If your dentures are going to last you 10 or more years - then they had better be right!


I have mastered the art of denture design and manufacturer for over 35 years. During that time I have seen thousands of patients who come to me with problems. Together we noted and logged those issues, and then solved their problems. Using that information, I set about compiling this detailed guide for you, so that you too can understand your false teeth, their natural looks, and their associated problems.


There are 20 Characterization Features your practitioner simply does not have time to explain to you. When added, these characterisation features will influence the outcome of your dentures in ways you cannot imagine. 

Things like longevity, natural looks, and comfort to mention a few.   


Are your gums red and inflamed? Should you have a clear palate on your denture, which will mask the pink acrylic pigment? Hmmm, well, I'll show you some photographs and explain what's going on, which may help you to understand this issue.

All you need to know (before you go to your dental practitioner) are a few basic points which can save you years of pain - both in your gums and your in your wallet!

My last question before I go.

Do you sit in the chair when looking at your wax denture try-in, or do you hop out of the chair and stand upright? Maybe you don't even know what I have just asked, but this is critical when getting new dentures.


You don't walk around the shopping mall on your back...

"Wheeee! Shopping Spree"

...So why lay back (or sit reclined) when testing your new dentures? 

This will all be explained in appointment 4 Chapter  

All the best

Dr Dean Lloyd (dp)

PS. My strongest advice to you is to KNOW BEFORE YOU GO

Table of Contents:



Chapter 1:  Your Decision to Purchase New Dentures

Chapter 2:  Shades and Shapes of Teeth and Gums

Chapter 3:  Denture Materials

Chapter 4:  Characterisation Features

Chapter 5:  Your Six Clinic Appointments

Chapter 6:  Balanced Dentures

Chapter 7:  Immediate or First Set of Dentures

Chapter 8:  Relines

Chapter 9:  Cleaning and Denture Care

Chapter 10:  Denture Discomfort

Chapter 11:  Broken Dentures

Chapter 12:  Obturators Cleft Palates & Palatal Protrusions



Test your dentures for proper function in the comfort of your own home:

  • Home Test 1

  • Home Test 2

  • Home Test 3

  • Home Test 4

  • Home Test 5


Important Quick Reference Links in this book:

  • Sore gums

  • Canker Sores (Mouth ulcers)

  • Sunken or puffy upper lip

  • Loose upper denture

  • Loose lower denture

  • Gum redness - Denture Stomatitis

  • Pain up the side of your face

  • Cheek biting

  • Dry mouth

  • Excess Saliva

  • Saving money tip - 1

  • Saving money tip - 2

  • Critical note about “Denture Glue”

  • Important note about appointment 4 when getting new dentures!


More quick reference links in this book:


  • Colours, shapes, and sizes of teeth you can choose

  • Name tags on dentures

  • Warning about ‘same-day’ dentures

  • Upper relines

  • Lower relines – hard or soft lining?

  • Delicious free recipe (for denture wearers)

  • WARNING for people who have soft linings on their lower dentures

  • Fixing sore areas caused by high spots at home – plus important warnings

  • Denture roughness - causes discussed

  • Home repairs

  • Cleft palate

All the information you need - when you need it

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