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Dr Dean Lloyd - Author

About the Author
Dr Dean Lloyd

After leaving school, Dean was conscripted into the defense forces for three years.


Once his duties were complete, he joined the Atomic Energy Corporation, through which he completed an apprenticeship as a Tool and Jig Maker, and then went on to do a diploma in Electronic Control Systems. After graduation, he was assigned to the research and development department where he, along with a team of nuclear engineers, were given the task of developing a small nuclear power plant.


After four years in the department, Dean decided to move his mechanical, electronic, and problem-solving skills over to the  medical field.


And, back to college he went. After four more years of full-time study, he graduated with honors as a Dental Technologist and gained the 'student of the year' award.

In 1991 Dean and Petra got married. Together they opened their own private dental laboratory and, along with their four employees, ran the laboratory for a further 6 years. Over that time, Dean noticed that many of the dental impressions, partial designs, and plain illogical requests coming from the practitioners were simply wrong. He tried to rationalize with some of these practitioners, but was told to either accept their dental impressions and designs, or they would send their work to another laboratory!

This was frustrating, as Dean knew there was a better solution for the patients, and so back to college he went. After more years of hitting the books, Dean graduated with honors as a Doctor of Dental Prosthetics.

Dr Dean Lloyd - Dental Practitioner Best Student College Awards

What you are about to read is a true event.

Now working in a private clinic as an employee, Dean noticed his boss's patients were returning for new dentures every two years. They said their teeth hurt, were lose, looked dark, old, and the back teeth were blunt. This was puzzling to Dean, as a new set of dentures should last at least 8 - 10 years or more. Of course, being a problem-solver, he confronted his boss.

"Why do you put cheap teeth onto people's dentures?" asked Dean. "You know they won't last."

"It's called repeat business, Dean," responded his employer. "They (the patient) don’t know what teeth I'm using, and anyway, who do you think is paying for my BMW standing out front?"

It was at that moment Dean decided to write the first eBook ever written for the public, to tell them everything they must insist on when purchasing new dentures, getting relines, having denture problems, denture care, or having denture repairs done.

Still wanting to offer the patients a "fair deal", Dean and Petra decided to open their own clinic. As time rolled on, Dean noticed the vast number of 'avoidable' problems patients were presenting - who came in from other practitioners.

"Joe down the road made these dentures for me, but I simply cannot wear them."  

Now was the time to continue what he had started. Again, Dean put pen to paper. It took a further eight years and a lot of research to write and publish his first eBook, "Full Dentures".


Dean says, "I should have called the eBook, Things you must know before going to your dental practitioner."


After owning and running four Dental Laboratories and three Dental Clinics over a 35 year period, Dean decided to hang up his white coat, and to focus on writing his second eBook, "Partial Dentures", along with helping his daughter, Nadine, write her recipe eBook, 120 Delicious Meals Created for the Denture Wearer.


As Petra, Rochelle, and Nadine (their two beautiful daughters) have also authored books, Dean decided to create two websites to boost their years of knowledge to the world. The websites and Home and Restaurant were born from those early days.


Together the family Write, Blog, Cook, Photograph, Design & Set eBooks, Market, and give free information and free  recipes to all who simply want good quality truthful information, tips, tricks, and more.

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